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We’re growing! Sof-Tek provides rapid, smart solutions to the semiconductor and smart manufacturing industries. We are adding skilled people in engineering, PCB, panel building, and software development. You’ll be problem solving for well-known brands with our experienced and creative engineers in Northern California.

Open Positions

Experienced Controls Engineer


• Design engineering systems for the automation of industrial tasks.
• Create mechanical design documents for parts, assemblies, and finished products.
• Maintain technical project files.
• Implement and test design solutions.
• Create mechanical models and tolerance analyses to simulate mechatronic design concepts.
• Conduct studies to determine the feasibility, costs, and performance benefits of new mechatronic equipment.
• Publish engineering reports documenting design details and qualification test results.
• Research, select and apply sensors, communication technologies, and control devices for motion control, position sensing, pressure sensing, and electronic communication.
• Identify and select materials appropriate for mechatronic system designs.
• Design advanced precision equipment for accurate and controlled applications.
• Upgrade the design of existing devices by adding mechatronic elements.
• Analyze existing development and manufacturing procedures and suggest improvements.
• Provide consultation and training on topics such as mechatronics or automated control.
• Design, develop and implement control circuits and algorithms for electromechanical and pneumatic devices or systems.
• Design advanced electronic control systems for mechanical systems.
• Create embedded software programs.
• Design self-monitoring mechanical systems, such as gear systems that monitor loading and condition of systems to detect and prevent failures.
• Monitor and calibrate automated systems, industrial control systems, and system components to maximize the efficiency of production.


• Printed Circuit Board Design
• Beckhoff, Allen-Bradley type technologies (PLC, HMI, Motion, Safety as core, vision)
• IPC, PLC, and automation control systems in general
• Panel Design
• Complex machine design and fabrication

Education and Experience

• BS in Engineering or equivalent experience.
• Minimum Three years of experience.

Compensation and Benefits

Sof-Tek offers competitive wages and:

  • Eligibility to participate in our performance-based bonus plan program
  • Eligibility for company benefits that are available to similar Sof-Tek employee positions
  • Paid vacation after a 90-day introductory period
  • Company-paid holidays
  • Employee Health Insurance premium covered 100%
  • Benefit plan details are available for review

EEO Statement:

Sof-Tek Integrators is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Sof-Tek Integrators, Inc. is an at-will employer. Sof-Tek Integrators, Inc. retains sole discretion to modify benefits.